Keep Calm & Fish On

Today, I start my first entry into “Scott’s Blog” since I was kicked to the curb by my son Kyle. As many of you knew, I recently had a stroke, that left me blind in one eye.  Couple that with Covid-19 and it was deemed better that I stick to teaching and relaxing in lieu of getting into 480 volt starter panels with poor depth perception. 

As I sit and think about the Healthcare business and all the wonderful relationships the past years have afforded me, I get a little nostalgic and wonder what the future holds for the next generation of players in our extremely critical industry.  I think we are in good hands, full of smarter, more talented, and more focused individuals than those who are riding off into the sunset.  The glaring difference is that my generation leaves with certain skills that will be difficult to replicate.  We were constantly searching for the next “better mouse trap”.  We built incredibly tight relationships by consistent face-to-face problem solving, and we did business with a hand shake.  This brave, new world can’t sustain that business model.  The next generation will have to find how to do business digitally, virtually, and still keep the social aspect of personal interaction.  A hundred emails can’t replace the connection that you develop by a 

2:00 AM oxygen problem you resolved with an extremely stressed facility director. 

I promise to get back to specific industry needs, problems, and resolutions in my upcoming blogs.  But for today, I’m going fishing.